The dead dog..

Some time ago, maybe two years ago I have witnessed something that just won’t go away from my head. I was in a train traveling from point A to point B . The train stopped in a station. I was smoking while the train awaited the passengers to come aboard when a man approached the end of the last wagon with a dog tied by his neck with a piece of rope.The man was obviously drunk. He was like 45 -50 years old , a skinny, bold motherfucker of about 1.75 m in height . That’s about 5.7 in feet. There was about 10 -12 passengers that witnessed this event including the man in charge of controlling the tickets. The man approached the last wagon and tied the dog to the train. The mutt just stood there calm with a stupid look on it’s face. He was not a large dog nor a particularly tiny one. He was still a pup.  The dog was also skinny. Nobody said anything. Why am I not surprised? They all just looked in disbelief. Or maybe I just looked in disbelief and the others just did not care. The controller whistled  and the train started to move. The skinny , bold motherfucker stood there and laughed. I was speechless. Blocked by the event. The dog ran as hard as he could tied to the train until the train picked up speed. When the dog could not run anymore he fell and he was dragged  by the train for a pretty long portion. After yelping for a while he succumbed the the repeated hitting and dragging and died.   Finally the rope broke too releasing him from the pull of the train. The dog was dead for a long time though. I just stood there speechless and watched. Why did that man do this? I though the dog was rabid or something. And he bit someone. But how? That puppy? With his tongue sticking out , with that happy look on it’s “face” and his tail wagging? I miss seeing a motive other than just being a sadistic motherfucker  and just enjoying killing for his own twisted pleasure. And I did NOTHING. Am I a coward?  I think so. That idiot deserved to have his skull crushed on the pavement. But I did NOTHING! This haunts me even now. How could I have been so nonchalant?


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