Pimp got knocked the f..k out

I’m sure many of you seen this video because it’s quite old. Nevertheless it’s a classic. I laughed my ass off when I’ve first seen it.  Looking for some idiotic morons in action? Look no further! From the classic  America’s most stupid, featuring the retarded pimp , the pink whore and the man that could …. Piiiiimp..versussss…karate 🙂 .

This is the story : A pimp was beating one of his girls. A concerned citizen came to stop the fight and told the pimp to stop hitting the poor woman. (I just hate women beaters btw). But disaster. The pimp got angry at the poor man. The man backed off but the pimp had none of that. The pimp wanted retribution. The man had to pay for his insolence. Meddling in the Pimp’s bussiness in not wise (as he wanted to demonstrate). The Super Pimp literraly broke his shirt to get a piece of the Man. After all the Pimp was the real man. Those were his streets and the pesky intruder had to PAY.

What the pimp didn’t realize was that the Man was a karate champion and in his Dojo he was shooting a training montage for the local police. What followed.. moved me to tears. Real tears from laughing my ass off. 🙂 Talk about being stupid at the wrong time in the wrong place 🙂


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